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Jude Grime

judesmall (44K)I am a qualified teacher with experience teaching and tutoring. I have worked with many age groups and abilities, including A-Level. I have a PGCE in Secondary Maths from the Institute of Education and a First Class Masters degree in Physics (Msci) from Imperial College London.

Your interest in this tutoring website shows that you already recognise the importance of maths and science skills to succeeding in today's world. A basic understanding of maths is fundamental to many jobs, while top grades allow access to the best courses and Universities, which directly impacts on future earning potential. Tutoring gives the best chance to succeed and my sessions are tailored to the student and adapted to individual needs in a way which is not possible in a standard classroom.

I am an enthusiastic and patient teacher who adjusts my teaching style to suit the student. I can quickly assess the students' strengths and weaknesses, building on their existing knowledge in a way that inspires confidence and a deeper understanding.

thinkingstudent (44K)Many students struggle in school because they misunderstand or fall behind on early key topics. Students who once enjoyed maths and science can start to feel lost and confused and can lose confidence quickly. Identifying these key missing building blocks and filling in knowledge can allow students to excel and enjoy the subject. As students gain confidence, I find that their engagement and enjoyment increases, not only in tutor sessions, but also in school lessons. This can have a wider impact on many other areas of students' lives.

Personal tuition also gives many benefits to those who are already doing well at school. My tutoring sessions progress at a pace most suited to the individual student. We can take time to explore problems in a way that is not possible in most classrooms. This promotes logical thinking and problem-solving skills, which are highly valued in University interviews and in preparation for Cambridge and Oxford STEP papers.

I have experience teaching students working at all grades and I can help whether you are trying to achieve a C or push to an A*. I am proffessional, organised and am happy to provide certificates for all my qualificantions including a full enhanced CRB check.